Weight Loss – Is Eating Too Quickly the Reason For Your Weight Gain?

If there is a mistake many of us make when it comes to diet and nutrition; it is eating too fast. You may or may not be aware you eat faster than you should. Your digestive system is able to metabolize food at a limited rate, and we often push it past its limits. The results are not surprising: there are consequences to eating too quickly.

The biggest problem with eating fast is related to weight gain and well-being. It is a recipe for overconsumption when you eat at a faster rate than your body is able to receive food because it takes up to 20 minutes for your body to recognize your stomach is full. This delay is enough to encourage you to keep eating when you have already had enough food because you mistakenly believe you are still hungry.

You have eaten many satisfying meals in the past. Can you recall the times you ate so much you felt extremely uncomfortable and lethargic? It is a sign of overeating when you feel exhausted and drained of energy despite supplying your body with plenty of nutrients. Not only are large portion sizes the culprit, but also the tendency to eat in a rush.

Eating at a slower pace makes an incredible difference. It turns out few of us like to continue eating when we are full: it is unnatural as well as uncomfortable. By eating slowly, you will give your body time to process those signals that quiet your craving for more food.

Eating quickly is likely to make you feel unwell and will lead to weight gain. And anyone who is overweight has a tendency to eat more rapidly than normal. Since eating quickly is correlated with consuming more calories than your body needs, it is no wonder this habit is so closely related to obesity. But on a positive note, slower eating is associated with consuming fewer calories. So changing how quickly you finish your meals will likely make a difference if you are trying to lose weight.

Eating quickly is a habit. Sometimes we eat something so delicious we seem not to be able to help ourselves: we indulge, losing some of our self-control. It doesn’t help our TV or smartphone often distract us so we don’t pay attention to how fast we are eating and often what we are eating.

You are more likely to enjoy your food if you eat slowly. It will help with weight management, not to mention you will feel satisfied with eating less. What’s not to like?