Traffic School Online – What You Really Need To Know Guide

Yes, I’m a pretty good driver. In fact I grew up in a town where cars-hot rods and trucks and the like—were respected, if not revered. I had undergone my training in a driver education program at a high school that had the knowledge of wintry weather and expected the need for definite driving skills that surpassed those persons living in sunny states.. perhaps for instance driving on ice, snow, sleet etc.

In spite of being quick and hyper-alert, though I love to drive a good fast car, in all my driving years (which equals about thirty-one years); I have only had three traffic violations: the first one was when I was 16 years I had got a speeding ticket, trying to beat curfew; the second one for a no seat belt ticket, when I was pulled over because a headlamp was out; and got a red light violation one night when I much aware but wanted to get home after working continuously all day and all night at a college an hour and a half away from where I lived.

But alas last week, having just relocated to a new town only recently- in the last few months- I got pulled over yet again for speeding. For sure, I was a bit startled, personally I feel I was not speeding, but was doing 44 in a part of town where, I have since studied, the signs go from 35 to 25 to 35 to 25 (in one spot TWO SIGNS, one for 35 AND one for 25 are together?????)…almost like a speed trap set-up, if you ask me.

To my good luck, the officer was not only a cool chap, but also kind and jovial. One of the first things he said, after enquiring with me when was the last time I got a speeding ticket (which was 30 years ago), was that I could go to traffic school online!

Sure, I heard a couple of my friends talking over the last few years about traffic school online, and just about everything like how you can keep adding points to your driver record (points increasing means, evidently, insurance rates increasing), as well as learned of friends who had done traffic school online to ease the cost of the traffic ticket. (For instance, a red light violation, once a whopping $107 in my area, is now nearly $400!). Hence I now get to experience first hand the traffic school online adventure. No sooner I started to research I discovered that, logically, one must use an accredited traffic school online- one that is genuine and will issue you the documentation you need to prove to the courts you have paid your penalty.

Another thing I found out about traffic school online are they can be manageable, thus allowing you to study at your own pace or during at times when you are available; besides traffic school online is cheap; and the fact that traffic school online, if you search long enough, will surely appeal to your particular learning style-offering you games if you are a go-getter, or maybe text only if you prefer verbal instruction, as well as cartoons and short films if you are a keen visual learner.

Here’s hoping that I manage to complete my traffic school online in the next few days, and will either go with comedy or cartoons and games. They not only look promising but hopefully will not humiliate me too much with road rules I learned 31 years ago and ace on every DMV test, etc., despite the fact that once every decade “forget”. What a reminder!